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Building vocabulary a word at a time using "The Word of the Day"

How to use music to develop foreign language vocabulary

7 ways to use your refrigerator door to build vocabulary

Family study abroad

Reading with Children


Family Study Abroad

Family Study Abroad Looking to brush up on your foreign language skills, teach your children another language, and have exciting adventures abroad? Consider participating in a family study abroad program . . . read more
Bilingual Parenting Bilingualism and Multilingualism

Mixing Languages - Se habla Spanglish

concerned mother

As minority language-speaking children learn English, it is only natural for them to mix the two languages. I've even heard my nieces, who have an Arabic-speaking father and Spanish-speaking mother, use three languages in one sentence. What should parents do when their child is fluent in Spanglish? . . . read more

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Language boundaries

Cognitive Benefits of Bilingualism in Children


Many people know that bilingualism can open doors for children, but did you know that it can actually make them smarter? Studies have connected bilingualism with the following cognitive benefits . . . read more

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Stages of second language development

Strategies for Making Language Comprehensible

Why early exposure to language is so important


Books and Literacy Building Vocabulary and Language Skills

Reading with Children

Mother reading with child

When reading a book in a foreign language to a child, you want to use strategies to build vocabulary and improve comprehension. These strategies will be particularly important if the language is the child's second language . . . read more

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Guided reading - Developing reading comprehension skills

Word play for language development and literacy


Building vocabulary a word at a time using "The Word of the Day"

Word of the Day

A great way to build your child's foreign language vocabulary (and possibly yours too) is to use free Word of the Day resources from the internet . . . read more

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7 ways to use your refrigerator door to build vocabulary

Board games that build foreign language vocabulary and grammar skills

Crossword puzzles and word searches for vocabulary development

How to make your own vocabulary games

How to use music to develop foreign language vocabulary

How to use TV to develop foreign language vocabulary


Finding Native Language Models School and Classes

Hiring a foreign au pair

Au pair and boy

One way of providing a native language model for your children and getting inexpensive childcare at the same time is to hire an au pair. An au pair is a domestic worker from a foreign country that provides childcare and possibly some light housework . . . read more

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Hosting an exchange student


Dual Language Schools

Kindergarten class

When your child is ready to begin Kindergarten, an option to consider in some cities is dual language schools. In dual language schools, instruction is provided in English for part of the time and a foreign language for part of the time . . . read more


Travel and Study Abroad Product Reviews

How to overcome 5 challenges of foreign travel with kids

Travel with kids

Foreign travel provides a wonderful opportunity to expose children to another culture and allow them to practice their foreign language skills with native speakers. However, foreign travel with children is not without its challenges. With a little planning and the following tips, you can make your next trip abroad a little smoother . . . read more

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Family study abroad

Home Exchange


Usborne Picture Dictionaries

While there are many picture dictionaries on the market, Usborne’s First Thousand Words series is my favorite for building foreign language vocabulary. Why is it my favorite and how should you use it to most effectively build foreign language vocabulary? . . . read more

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Elmer Books


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