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Bilingualism & Multilingualism

Cognitive Benefits of Bilingualism in Children

Brain Many people know that bilingualism can open doors for children, but did you know that it can actually make them smarter? Studies have connected bilingualism with the following cognitive benefits . . . read more


Why early exposure to language is so important

baby It seems the popular phrase "Use it or lose it" can now also be applied to language learning ability. Small children have a unique ability to learn languages that, if not utilized, may be lost forever . . . read more


Stages of second language development

Children What can you expect from a child who has recently begun second language acquisition? Will they be able to quickly begin speaking or is there a silent period? To answer these questions we need to examine the stages of second language development . . . read more


Strategies for Making Language Comprehensible

Mother and son talking Scaffolding strategies are used by ESL (English as a Second Language) and bilingual education teachers to make instruction comprehensible to language learners. As parents raising bilingual children , we too can benefit from these strategies to make language understandable to our children and develop their vocabulary. Here are some tips for making language more comprehensible when communicating with our children . . . read more



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