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Reading with Children


Books and Literacy

Reading with Children

Mother reading with child When reading a book in a foreign language to a child, you want to use strategies to build vocabulary and improve comprehension. These strategies will be particularly important if the language is the child's second language . . . read more


Guided reading - Developing reading comprehension skills

Father and daughter reading Guided reading is a teaching technique that trains beginning readers to use reading comprehension strategies. Children practice using these strategies under adult guidance so that they will be able to use them independently later. These strategies also help children better understand when reading books in a foreign language . . . read more


Word play for language development and literacy

Letter blocks Phonemic awareness is awareness that language is made up of individual sounds or phonemes. For example, the word "cat" has three sounds, the "c" sound (/k/), the "a" sound (/æ/), and the "t" sound (/t/). Word play, or playing with language, is great for developing phonemic awareness, a precursor to literacy, as well as developing vocabulary. Whether a child is engaging in word play in their first or second language, it can be a fun way to practice with new words . . . read more



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