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Building vocabulary a word at a time using "The Word of the Day"

How to use music to develop foreign language vocabulary

7 ways to use your refrigerator door to build vocabulary

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Finding Native Language Models

Hiring a foreign au pair

Au Pair and boy One way of providing a native language model for your children and getting inexpensive childcare at the same time is to hire an au pair. An au pair is a domestic worker from a foreign country that provides childcare and possibly some light housework . . . read more


Hosting an exchange student

Exchange student When you welcome a foreign exchange student into your home you are introducing your children to the world of culture and language. They will find it facinating that many everyday activities are done differently in the exchange student's home country. For example, they may be shocked to hear that in their home country they eat fish, rather than cereal for breakfast . . . read more


How to use music to develop foreign language vocabulary

CD Music is a fun way to help children build their foreign language vocabulary. But what should you look for in the music and how should you use it to most effectively build your child's foreign language vocabulary? . . . read more


How to use TV to develop foreign language vocabulary

Family watching TV Most of us know that reading with your child can expose them to new vocabulary and develop language skills. Television, when used appropriately, can also be a tool for building vocabulary as well as exposing children to native language models. What sorts of programs should you select and what can you do while watching them to help your child get the most language development out of television time? . . . read more



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