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Crossword puzzles and word searches for vocabulary development

By Janet Castrejón, MA

Crossword puzzles and word searches are great for building foreign language vocabulary and they are lots of fun. You could buy crossword puzzles or word search books on Amazon if they are available in your target language or make them yourself using free software if your target language uses English letters.

Eclipse Crossword is free software for creating crossword puzzles ( Another free tool for creating crosswords puzzles, word searches, and more is Discovery Education's Puzzlemaker (




To search for more crossword or word search books, select "Books" from the drop down list below, type in the language you are interested in (e.g. Italian) and the word "crossword puzzzles" or "word search" in the keywords box and click on "Go." Another option is to type in the word "crossword puzzle" or "word search" in the language that you are searching for. For example, in Spanish crossword puzzle is "crucigrama."


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