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Building vocabulary a word at a time using "The Word of the Day"

By Janet Castrejón, MA

A great way to build your child's foreign language vocabulary (and possibly yours too) is to use free Word of the Day resources from the internet. If you click on a language on the red horizontal menu bar at the top of this page, it will take you to a resources home page for that language. Near the bottom of the resources page, you will see a widget with the word of the day for that language. This is fed by an external website and it changes daily. Return each day to see the new word of the day. The widget even includes audio pronunciation of the word and a sentence example. On the sign language page there is a link to an external site where a sign of the day is demonstrated on a video clip.

To share the word of the day with your children each day, you could write it on an index card or sticky note and put it on the refrigerator door. Another option is to put a small magnetic white board on the refrigerator door where you will write the word of the day each day. Rather than use their sentence examples, I often make up my own that are more relevant to my children's lives.

After presenting the word of the day over breakfast, try to use the word with the children at least once during the day if you speak the foreign language at home. Also, review the word again the following day before you present that day's word. Little by little, the word of the day will build up their foreign language vocabulary without overwhelming them with too many new words at once.


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